Teeth Whitening Procedures

Any dental procedure, whether for cosmetic or restorative purposes, should take place in a timely manner. Unfortunately, a treatment as simple as in-office teeth whitening sometimes requires an inordinate amount of time. That is, unless you choose Bristol Dental Group as your teeth whitening provider.

We offer quick and painless whitening procedures to help you achieve the smile you want without spending hours in the chair. Our whitening process helps patients in Bristol, TN achieve a sparkling smile with plenty of time to spare.

Our Whitening Process

At Bristol Dental Group, we understand that you care about your smile, but you also have a life outside of our office. For this reason, we provide a fast whitening process to allow for easy scheduling.

When you come into our office for teeth whitening, you'll find a comfortable, clean environment. There's no need to stress because our process is simple and allows for optimal comfort.

Our trained general dentist in Bristol, TN uses a chairside whitening formula called Sinsational Smiles. This professional whitening helps you achieve a whiter smile in only 20 minutes. Even the most sensitive patients can forego pre-treatment medication, as the procedure uses gentle techniques to whiten each tooth.

Along with offering safe and long-lasting whitening, Sinsational Smiles also qualifies as a green-certified whitening system that meets environmental safety standards. Obtain teeth whitening in comfort and ease at Bristol Dental Group's office.

Your Teeth Whitening Options

If at first you prefer to try whitening on your own, that's fine, too. We offer Lumibrite take-home whitening options. However, we believe that our Sinsational Smiles in-office procedure allows for thorough and professional-grade whitening within a convenient timeframe.

Trust Bristol Dental Group to provide quality teeth whitening with our quick process. To set up a whitening appointment, give us a call at 423-989-3000 today.