Mini Dental Implants (MDI)

Exciting news for denture wearers!

Denture wearers can now have a life-changing dental makeover. Mini implants allow dentures to "snap" into place for a snug fit, allowing you to eat and speak with confidence.

The teeth that are now available for dentures are more life-like, brilliant and can be customized to each individual patient. Now it is possible not only to have a more natural cosmetic denture, but also to have cosmetic dentures that fit.

The MDI SystemThe MDI system consists of a minature titanium implant that acts like the root of a tooth. A retaining fixture is incorporated into a new or exisiting denture. The retaining fixture (with its O-ring) snaps onto the MDI implant allowing the denture to be securely stabilized.

Placement of these implants usually consists of four on the lower and six on the upper. The implants are placed using local anesthesia and usually can be placed in under two hours. After the implants are placed and the retaining fixtures attached to the denture, the procedure is complete.

You are now ready to experience a new level of comfort and stability with your dentures.